Saturday, December 29, 2007

Found Great Retail Deal!

I was shopping for shoes, and found the "Perfect" pair to go with my hot new outfit.  But they were not on sale and I really wanted them.  We'll I decided (against my better judgement) to get them anyway.  When I went to purchase them I used my Chase Visa and "YEA!!!" they said that I get a 20% discount using that card.  I was like super happy and completely taken by surprise.  I'm going to check what other discounts I get.

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Anonymous said...

Hey GirlieGurl,

I congratulate you on your discovery! This is a huge (and ALWAYS underpromoted benefit that credit card companies offer). You know that black and white statements you get with all the extra information you never look at? That's where you can start to look for these deals. Problem is, with today's proliferation of online statements, so many of us don't receive our statements in the mail anymore, so we never know these deals exist. That's ok though - be proactive and call your credit card company and just ask! They're obligated to tell you the offers they're running this month. For example, Chase Visa is also running a promotion that gives discounts on 800 flowers and Direct TV when you use your Chase Visa. You know how I found that out? I just called. It was that easy.

I think I'll go buy some flowers for my wife and order some steamy movies ;)

Until Next Time,

Hugh G. Fallis