Sunday, December 30, 2007

What sense does it make?

Why would a card give you a discount you aren't aware of at the register? You've already made the purchase decision...does the discount give you social permission to go buy more...I don't think so. What the discount does is provide positive reinforceent of your choice to use this card instead of the other 3 in your pocket!

I think I'll resolve this year to carry more card in my pocket and maybe I'll build a note section on my Blackberry to keep track of the discount...nevermind just gotreal and it got busy and I'm chasing the kids......


Hugh G. Fallis said...

Jane From Maine,

You're smart to think like you do - don't resolve to use just a single card. I've said before that one card can be good for racking up rewards (again, my card of choice is Marriott because I spend tons of time in hotels - specifically, Marriott hotels). But, if you get a deal where you can use one of your three cards and save 20% on a particular purchase, that's a better deal than you'll get anywhere - even with backend rewards from your preferred card. So, don't be afraid to whip out the Chase Visa or the Bank of America Mastercard if it's going to mean big savings on one of your purchases. And don't forget - check with your banks regularly to see what specials they're running!

Hugh G. Fallis

Anonymous said...

Discounts? What's wrong with me? My card company never gives me any discounts! All they give me is grief! In fact, just before Christmas I was in a checkout line at Toys R Us and rung up a bill of $670 (three kids!). Guess what? They declined my charge, even though I had over $4,000 of available credit! So I used another (less preferred) card.

When I got home, I called them to find out what happened. You know what they told me? They said their "Fraud Department" haulted the charge because it wasn't a typical charge for me and they were doing it for MY protection! I told them "It's CHRISTMAS FOR GODSSAKE!!!!" Not to mention, they tout $0 fraud liability, so how could it be for my protection??? What a bunch of morons. I told them if it happened to me again, I would close my account. And, that's a promise!

Left Stranded,
Whitehall, PA