Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sick in West Texas!

The right card made all the difference!  I was going to visit relatives in Midland, Tx and hadn't booked a hotel because there is always something open.  On the plane I began to feel a cold coming on.  By the time I had landed and Picked up my rental car I felt lousy.  I was driving pst the 3 usual "Motels" and wasn't very excited to stay at a place where I'd have to pull up to my room in the car.  I wanted to be pampered a bit by then.  I stopped in and found that since a rodeo was in town their rates had gone up.  It was going to be $139 a night.  For a Motel.  I got on the phone and called the Midland Hilton and they said that it would be $159 a night.  So ... I took that.  When I came to check in they parked my car, helped me with my bags, and took me to the check in desk.  The desk clerk asked what card and I asked do you have a discount.  She said "YES!" If you have a Chase Visa we have a Discount.  I pulled out my Card and got the Room for $139 a night.  amstillThe same as the "No-tell Motel".  Made my day and made me feel a lot more comfortable.  I'm still sick now and on my way home, but I'm so glad I had a good stay at the Hilton.  I was able to use the Steam room at the SPA, got excellent Room service, and the concierge sent a quart of OJ, Cold Medecine and a couple extra tooth brushes.

It pays to ask! and this time it wasn't just about the $$!


Anonymous said...

That's really interesting that Hilton gave you a discount with a Chase Visa. Hilton is in partnership with Citi Bank, not Chase, so you'd think they'd give the discount there.

As you've proven, it pays to ask! Who woulda thunk??

Hope you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

You might be right, they may have asked if I had a Visa in General and i produced my Chase. Got the discount anyway, so was happy.

when I buy on the internet i usually call & order and ask if they have any discounts, you'd be surprised what they'll give you. If they are testing the prices anywhere they are obligated to give you the lowest tested price if you ask for it.

Sick in WT